Chetroy Productions is a video and photography company located in Lancaster, PA.

Chetroy Productions LLC

Lancaster, PA 17601

(717) 201-7829

Chet Roy – Owner-Operator

I am the lead cinematographer, photographer, and editor for Chetroy Productions. I work directly with our clients to produce products that best meet the their desired goals.

I have been filming and editing videos for 17 years. My editing software of choice is currently Adobe Creative Suite. I am constantly pushing my creative boundaries and adding new elements to every video and photograph I create. 

Chetroy Productions specializes in video production and photography. Customers looking for creative, innovative video presentations, company videos, photographs, and commercials will find a unique experience with Chetroy Productions.

Contact Chet at for a complimentary brainstorming session and in depth proposal. We look forward to working with and promoting your company.

Kathy Roy – Owner-Operator

I am the business manager for Chetroy Productions. I assist with customer service, handle our web design and finances, and offer creative input.

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